Women’s Body Wax Services

Full Brazilian $59
This is The Full Monty! Leave a front patch or take it all off! This includes your “happy trail”, inner thighs, labia majora (inner and outer) and inner buttocks.

Modified Brazilian $46
Be completely ready for even the tiniest bikini! This includes your “happy trail”, inner thighs and just inside the average panty line; leaving a front patch and a thin strip of hair from front to back. This does not include the labia majora or the inner buttocks.

Bikini $32
Just need to tidy things up a bit? This includes the inner thighs, shaping the top and edges of your pubic area as well as your “happy trail”; creating the perfect cleaned up shape.

Stomach $23
Look très chick in your crop top! From your bra line to your naval this cleans up all that fuzz!

Arms Full $45 Half $30
Hugs are an expression of affection! So keep them Smooth! Full arms is from your shoulders to your fingertips and half arms is from your elbows to your fingertips.

Back Full $57 Half $25
Dare to be Bare! Full back includes from the nape of your neck to your hips/upper buttock. Half back is top or bottom half of that area.

Inner Buttocks $19
Leave nothing behind! Get rid of the hair in between your derrière.

Buttocks $29
Get Cheeky! Remove the hair from your derrière; for an additional $15 add the inner buttocks too!

Legs Full $69 Half $39
Killer legs look better Smooth! Get rid of hair from the top of your thighs to the tips of your toes. Half legs includes from your knees to the tips of your toes or from the top of your thighs to the bottom of your knees.

Under Arms $19
It’s the pits! But have no fear we’ll get your underarms clear! Your entire axillary area will be waxed Smooth.

Add a Strip $5
You know how you like it! Want to add a little extra to our packages? Then just request to add a strip!

Facial Wax Services

Brow Makeover $19
This is the whole kit and caboodle! Our waxers will expertly help you find the perfect brow shape; then wax, trim and tweeze any stragglers.

Brow Touch-up $14
Just need your regrowth cleaned up? We will wax, trim and tweeze any stragglers to keep your brows in tip-top shape!

Just Say No – To Unibrows! $9
When you need to clean up between your brows and trim some strays this is just what the doctor ordered; it’s also our most popular teen service.

Lip Service $10
Pucker up! This will Smooth your upper lip and the sides of your kisser.

Nose $13
Flare your nostrils with confidence! We clean up just inside your nostrils to keep hair from peeking out.

Sideburns $18
It’s not the seventies anymore, but you can still keep your face looking groovy!

Ears $12
The only thing that should be in your ears are whispers! Let us get rid of any hairs on your lobe, arch and just inside your canal.

Chin $9
Not by the hair on your chinny chin chin! Get rid of the hair under your chin.

Women’s Peach Fuzz Package $37
Includes your sideburns, cheeks, jawline and chin; get rid of that light catching “facial hair halo”!

Women’s Neck $22
Get rid of the hair under your chin and from the front of your neck.