Men’s Body

Chest $46
Undo some of those shirt buttons! Chest includes from your collarbone down to just below your pecs.

Back Full $64 Half $38
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear…No More! Full back is from the nape of your neck to your hips/upper buttocks. Half back is either the top or bottom half of that area.

Full Brazilian $98
This is The Full Monty! Leave a front patch or take it all off! This includes your “happy trail”, shaft, scrotum, inner thighs, cheeks and derrière.

Modified Brazilian $69
This includes your “happy trail”, shaft, scrotum, inner thighs and the inner buttocks.

Man-kini $32
Just need to tidy things up a bit? This includes the inner thighs, shaping the top and edges of your pubic area as well as your “happy trail”; creating the prefect cleaned up shape.

Inner Buttocks $19
Leave nothing behind! Get rid of the hair in between your derrière.

Buttocks $39
Get Cheeky! Remove the hair from your derrière; for an additional $15 add the inner buttocks too!

Abdomen $28
From below your pecs to your hips/navel area rid yourself of all that hair!

Arms Full $45 Half $39
It’s your right to “bare” Smooth arms! Full arms is from your shoulders to your fingertips and half arm is from your elbows to your fingertips or from your shoulders to your elbows.

Legs Full $74 Half $42
Who has time to shave those legs?!? Full legs is from the top of your thighs to the tips of your toes. Half legs is from tops of your thighs to the bottom of your knees or from the tops of your knees to the tips of your toes.

Under Arms $22
It’s the pits! But have no fear we’ll get your underarms clear! Your entire axillary will be waxed Smooth.

Add a Strip $5
You know how you like it! Want to add a little extra to our packages? Then just request to add a strip!

Facial Wax Services

Brow Makeover $19
This is the whole kit and caboodle! Our waxtresses will expertly help you find the perfect brow shape; then wax, trim and tweeze any stragglers.

Brow Touch-up $14
Just need your regrowth cleaned up? We will wax, trim and tweeze any stragglers to keep your brows in tip-top shape!

Just Say No – To Unibrows! $9
When you need to clean up between your brows and trim some strays this is just what the doctor ordered; it’s also our most popular teen service.

Lip Service $13
Pucker up! This will Smooth your upper lip and the sides of your kisser.

Nose $13
Flare your nostrils with confidence! We clean up just inside your nostrils to keep hair from peeking out.

Sideburns $29
It’s not the seventies anymore, but you can still keep your face looking groovy.

Ears $12
The only thing that should be in your ears are whispers! Let us get rid of any hairs on your lobe, arch and just inside your canal.

Men’s Mugshot Package $49
Keep your mug looking tight! This package includes the brow makeover, nostril and ear services.

Men’s Back of the Neck $17
Tired of needing your neck cleaned up before your next haircut? Keep that neckline tight with a Smooth wax.