Waxing for the Summer

It’s Still Summer! Here’s Your Guide to a Hair Free Vacation

Step 1- Decide what areas you want to have waxed: be prepared to have about a quarter inch of growth for the best results. Most of our clients choose to have either a full Brazilian or a modified bikini, brows, legs and arms before baring it all in their swim suits and sundresses. But, one thing many of us ladies forget about is that peach fuzz on the sides of our faces! During vacation, especially in the summer, you’re going to be in the sun and taking a lot of pictures. Looking back at those pictures you don’t want to see the peach fuzz you forgot on your face! That’s why here at Smooth we have a customized peach fuzz package to help you have the pictures of a lifetime.

Step 2- Figure out your timing: we recommend getting waxed two days before you will be exposing the areas to the ocean, swimming pools, saunas etc. Your hair follicle will remain open for approximately twenty-four hours after waxing leaving it at risk to bacteria that may be lurking in those waters.

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A Waxer’s Tale

A Waxer’s Tale – It’s All So Easy, Isn’t It?!

Let me just say, I have been a body waxer for a long time (twelve and a half years). In the very early years, I made my fair share of mistakes just like anyone new to a field would. But with mistakes comes eventual perfection of the craft, so this is my story, I hope you enjoy it, and learn a few things along the way.

Waxing is a lot harder then people realize. A good many people I speak to say things like “You throw down the wax and rip it off. How hard can that be?” Sure, how hard can it be…how about you give it a shot and let me know?! I have said this before (many times actually) and some take me up on it. They run to a place like Sally’s Beauty Supply, and buy themselves a small can of wax and a cheap wax pot, and go for it. You know what? Almost 100% of the time I get a phone call for an appointment. It wasn’t as easy as they thought. I have a male client that I have known for years that recently convinced his wife that she should also start waxing.

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