A Waxer’s Tale

A Waxer’s Tale – It’s All So Easy, Isn’t It?!

Let me just say, I have been a body waxer for a long time (twelve and a half years). In the very early years, I made my fair share of mistakes just like anyone new to a field would. But with mistakes comes eventual perfection of the craft, so this is my story, I hope you enjoy it, and learn a few things along the way.

Waxing is a lot harder then people realize. A good many people I speak to say things like “You throw down the wax and rip it off. How hard can that be?” Sure, how hard can it be…how about you give it a shot and let me know?! I have said this before (many times actually) and some take me up on it. They run to a place like Sally’s Beauty Supply, and buy themselves a small can of wax and a cheap wax pot, and go for it. You know what? Almost 100% of the time I get a phone call for an appointment. It wasn’t as easy as they thought. I have a male client that I have known for years that recently convinced his wife that she should also start waxing. He gets a partial Brazilian (front only). So she makes an appointment and starts getting waxed herself. Her hair grows like she soaks her crotch in Miracle Grow, so she decides to save time and money by doing some ‘maintenance’ at home. So, her husband (my client) comes in for his next appointment and as soon as he sees me he starts laughing. He recently came home from work and couldn’t figure out where she was until he hears a muffled sound from the top of the stairs. He finds her naked from the waist down with wax stuck to the outer labia area and she can’t get it off. Eventually she does figure how to remove the wax. I would imagine she had a sizeable and painful bruise from that experience!

This next story still baffles me. I got a call from a man who wanted an appointment that same day for a full Brazilian. Well, I was very busy that day as I usually am and couldn’t take him. He didn’t want to wait two days and hung up. Okay, fine, but I sure wish he would have warned me what he was planning to do! I could have tried my best to talk him out of it. He does exactly what the lady I told you about, did…took a trip to Sally’s. He is a very hairy Middle Eastern man (which I found out the following week). He tries to perform his own Brazilian wax and it goes very badly. The wax gets stuck in his very long, very thick hair and he can’t get it off. So guess what he does to remove it? You will never guess so I will just tell you! He pours gasoline on the family jewels to loosen up the wax. Who would have thought that gasoline would be the first thing to pop into his head? I saw him the following week (after his skin healed) and fixed him right up. I also told him NEVER to do anything like that again. He is now one of my regular clients. I could tell you more stories, because I have over a decade of them stored up in my brain, but I will stop. I think you get the point. Let this be a lesson to you! People like me have careers in this field for a reason. If it was so easy to wax yourself, I probably wouldn’t have a job!

A Brief Look At The Different Types Of Waxing Techniques

There are different types of wax available to the professional. Let me break it down for you. They fall into two categories – hard wax & strip (soft) wax. Strip wax most everyone has had experience with, or has at least seen on television (think 40 Year Old Virgin but not as brutal). Strip wax requires a thin application and a strip of flexible woven cotton or a more rigid non-woven pellon (my personal favorite) over the top, and a quick rip to remove. Hard wax goes on a bit thicker and does not require additional material because it hardens and is removed with a quick flick of the wrist. I am known for using both types depending on the need of the client and the area being waxed. I always use hard wax on the face, under arms and bikini area. I have a firm policy on that and I don’t waiver. Let me explain why. Strip wax is great for larger areas like buttocks, chest, back, arms & legs. If you are a speed waxer, like I am, you can clear an area quickly. You can certainly do these areas with hard wax too, but I find it just takes a wee bit longer. Hard wax is great for those sensitive areas. The great thing about hard wax, that I can not say for strip wax, is that it does not attach itself to live skin, only to hair and dead skin cells. For those of you have had your eyebrows waxed with strip wax and have experienced extreme redness or even purple spots and pimples, hard wax is the way to go. It isn’t as traumatic to the skin. You can also control hard wax a whole lot better then you can strip wax, so you don’t have to worry about over waxing. I can sculpt a mean brow this way!

People are funny creatures. We all have preferences, habits and quirky things about us that set us apart from the crowd. Some of us are what I would call extra interesting! They are the ones that make this job worth getting up for every day.