What to Expect

I booked my appointment, but now what?

Pre Wax Prep

Exfoliation is the name of the game! It removes dead skin which can lead to ingrowns and increase the stubbornness of your hair’s removal so make sure you’re exfoliating well before your appointment. Ask us about your post wax care to make results last longer and help you stay Smoother.

First-timers and Newbies

We ask that you arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your appointment. This gives you time to complete your new client information and allows our studio staff to give you a “lay of the land tour”.

How does your garden grow?

Knowing what shape preferences you have and what you do and don’t want waxed can help make your appointment Smoother. Don’t know? It’s okay, our staff can help guide you through some ideas and popular choices.

Time is of the essence

We do our best to keep appointments running Smoothly so we ask that you arrive on time for your appointment. We understand life, traffic and weather can effect that so if you’re going to be late please call us and let us know. However, if you do not call and you arrive more than 5 minutes late we reserve the right to either reschedule you or squeeze you in if our schedule allows.

Sorry, but no “plus ones”

We are all about spreading the word about us to your friends and family and you can even bring them along. However, only you and your Waxtress can be in the treatment room during services. (For minors: A parent or guardian is invited to attend during treatments.)

We truly believe there are no stupid questions

Our staff wants you excited to strut your stuff and for your results to be lasting! We will make sure to explain pre and post care to achieve that but we still welcome any questions you have.